Teach Your Kids About Jesus

Why did you write this book?

This book is a gift to my children and is also written as a tool for fathers and mothers to help their children grow in the knowledge of Christ. There are so many voices in our society that cry out for our kids' attention and devotion. Most of them tend to distract us from the most important voice of all---the voice that cries out, "Come, follow Me, and I will make you a fisher of men."

Why did you not use illustrations?

Illustrations just weren't part of my vision for the book. As we went through it as a family (and are on our second time now), the words of the Biblical text and the lessons/questions seem to hold our kids' attention well.

How can I use this book?

It will work great as a part of your homeschool curriculum, as a family devotional, or maybe even as part of a children's ministry curriculum.

Does the book have a particular theological emphasis?

I have done my best to let each text speak for itself. However, the Gospel is woven throughout many of the lessons. By the term Gospel, I mean the message of forgiveness and acceptance by God as a result of grace alone through repentance and faith in the person and work of Christ alone.

What age group is Teach Your Kids About Jesus written for?

It is best suited for ages 4-11 or 12. That is a large gap intellectually, but you will see each child process the information at his or her own level of maturity. You may even be surprised at some of the deep questions kids will come up with on their own after reading the lessons!